McMillen Health Signage Refresh

McMillen Health Signage Refresh

I had the absolute pleasure of working with McMillen Health (formerly McMillen Center for Health Education) on the production and installation of their new campus signage.

The update included their beautiful new logo, expertly designed by Ferguson Advertising here in Fort Wayne. The logo incorporates the words Education, Curriculum, and Media. These core elements reflect the modern-day focus of McMillen Health.

They’ve come a long way from grade school field trips, and now feature a fully-equipped film studio where they create educational videos and connect with students and businesses around the world through distance learning. McMillen Health also develops custom curriculum, and rolled out their own early childhood oral health curriculum called Brush! in 2012.

Through the generosity of their donors, McMillen Health is also enjoying updated HVAC and lighting, and will continue to work toward their capital campaign goals throughout 2016.


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